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Microchips - keep your pet safe

It is now a legal requirement for all dogs in England and Wales to be microchipped.

No matter of how much you care for your pet, you can't be in control of them all the time. An open door, a loud bang, an accident - suddenly your pet is a stray.

At least 10 of our clients' pets go missing every month, 50% of these are microchipped and reunited with their owners within 24 hours.

In far too many cases pets are never retrieved and, without identification, end up in Rescue Shelters and with new owners because the original owner can't be found. That is why we urge our clients to have their pets microchipped.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected into the loose skin of your pet's neck where it sits permanently.

Every microchip has it's own 15 digit number which holds all your pet's personal details, including name, address, contact numbers and any other information that may be relevant.

Veterinary Practices, Police Stations & Rescue Shelters have special scanners that can detect and read the information on your pet's microchip, so that you can be reunited without delay.

The microchipping process is quick and no more painful than a vaccination, it is permanent (unlike a collar tag which can be lost or removed) and the details are available 24 hours a day on national and international databases, so your pet can be returned quickly and safely.

They are also a legal requirement for Pet Passports.

Please don't delay. To book an appointment or for further information, please call your surgery.

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