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Caring for your new puppy or kitten

The arrival of a new pet is an exciting moment for all the family. In order to keep your pet healthy and happy we've put together a short-list of things to do, starting with the most important - vaccinations!

Providing their mother was regularly vaccinated, puppies and kittens should be protected in the first few weeks of life by antibodies from their mother's milk. However this immunity falls with time, leaving them susceptible to infectious diseases.

Vaccination (to stimulate this immunity) is the only proven way to protect your pet. Two or more vaccinations are usually given as a primary course, giving your pet immunity for the first year of life. However the immunity provided by the primary vaccination is not indefinite and will gradually fall. Regular booster injections are therefore vital to maintain your pet's protection. The vaccination visit is an excellent time for us to give your pet a general check-over and offer you all the advice and help you need with the other important healthcare issues:
Diet & Feeding Cats and dogs have very specific nutritional requirements at different stages of their life, and as such they should be fed an appropriate life stage diet. 

Flea and worm control. Dogs and cats, with their furry coats and their eating and grooming habits, play host to a number of rather pesky parasites. Regular parasite control will keep these under control! Microchips It's impossible to keep track of your pet all the time, and microchips are a simple and effective way of identifying your pet wherever they go!

  • Neutering and spaying The most obvious benefit is the prevention of unwanted pregnancies but also, having your pet neutered or spayed, reduces the risk of disease and can help their behaviour.

  • Dental care Your pet can suffer from gum disease and toothache in the same way that we do, and it hurts just as much too!

  • Insurance In an average year 1 in 3 pets will require veterinary treatment for accidents or illness. In fact pet insurance is 3 times more likely to be claimed upon than household insurance! As treatments become more complex and sophisticated, costs inevitably rise and, without insurance, can become a limiting factor for treatment.

Budgeting for your pet's routine care can be a great comfort not to mention the savings it offers. Our Healthy Pet Club allows you to spread the cost of vaccinations, flea and worm control.

The scheme also entitles you to 10% off food, medication and other services.

Join the Healthy Pet Club today and start saving! Click here for more details about our Puppy and Kitten Club.

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