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Fly strike

The biggest danger faced by rabbits during the warmer weather (April to October) is fly strike.

If rabbits are allowed to get at all dirty around their bottom area, flies will be attracted to the area and can lay up to 200 eggs. These eggs will develop into flesh eating maggots within hours. 

Affected rabbits will quite literally be 'eaten alive' and, if left untreated, severe shock will develop and eventually cause death. 

Don't forget to check (and if necessary clean) the bottom area on at least a daily basis. Fly strike can develop very quickly so it is best to treat it as soon as possible or ideally prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Please don't hesitate to seek our advice if your rabbit's droppings are too loose/too hard and predispose to soiling. Also, bear in mind that rabbits who are less able to clean themselves properly, e.g. older, obese or arthritic rabbits, will be more prone to having a 'mucky bottom'.

If you see any signs of fly eggs or maggots call us straight away as this is a veterinary emergency.

There are preventative treatments available from your surgery which should be applied during the danger months.  Please contact your surgery for details.

Alternatively, book in to see one of our qualified nurses who will happily give you advice about fly strike and preventative treatments.

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