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Lisa Redgrave
BVetMed(Hons) MRCVS
Clinical Director - Bath and Somerset branches

Lisa graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal Veterinary College in 2010 and joined Highcroft in July 2012. After spending some time in our main Whitchurch Hospital and Weston Village Vets, Lisa is now based at our Silva House Veterinary Centre in Midsomer Norton. She has also been promoted to be Clinical Director for our branches in Midsomer Norton, Frome, Haycombe, Weston Village and Batheaston.

Lisa has a particular interest in surgery and performs the keyhole surgery techniques at Midsomer Norton.

Lisa has a dog called Manny, who she 'attempts' agility with. She also has a cat called Will.i.am, who keeps everyone, especially Manny, in check.



Louisa Cook
Veterinary Surgeon

Louisa qualified in 2006 at the Royal Veterinary College. Having previously worked in Winchester she joined Silva House in May 2008.
She has a special interest in cardiology and hopes to study for further qualifications in this field.

At home she has a cat called Jay and outside of work she enjoys running, swimming and going to the cinema.


Chris Culverwell
Veterinary Surgeon

Chris qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in July 2013 and joined Highcroft as a Veterinary Surgeon in November 2016. He has a special interest in soft tissue surgery.

Out of work Chris has a young Lurcher cross called Perdy. He enjoys active pursuits such as cycling, rowing and tennis.


Ellicia Leong
Veterinary Surgeon

Ellicia graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Melbourne in 2011. After working in Australia for 2 years, she moved to the UK in 2014, locuming in various veterinary clinics around the country before settling in a clinic in North Devon for the past 3 years. She joined Highcroft in June 2018 and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

Outside of work she enjoys baking, yoga and travelling. 


Louise Mills
Veterinary Surgeon, Vet Manager

Lou graduated from Glasgow University in 1992. She worked in Lancashire, Cheshire and Oxford before joining Silva House in 1999. Her interests are small animal medicine and acupuncture, for which she is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncture. 

She has three cats called Elvis, McNulty and 'Herbert Higgins' (who answers to the name of ‘Chubby’). She enjoys baking, gardening and reading in her spare time.


Kay Savage
Veterinary Surgeon

Kay joined Silva House in July 1988 as a veterinary surgeon having qualified from Bristol University in 1984. She has an interest in surgery especially orthopaedics.

Outside of work Kay likes gardening, travel and theatre and is involved in the local church.


Claire Watson
Intern Veterinary Surgeon

Claire practices at our Frome, Midsomer Norton and Batheaston surgeries. She joined Highcroft in August 2016 as an intern veterinary surgeon at our Highcroft Hospital in Whitchurch having qualified from Glasgow University in July. Claire is interested in Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology and Internal medicine.

Outside of work Claire enjoys white water kayaking, hill/munro walking, cycling and horse-riding.


Rachel Webb
Veterinary Surgeon

Rachel has been part of Silva House since November 2010 and works as a Veterinary Surgeon at our Frome and Midsomer Norton veterinary centres. She qualified from Royal Veterinary College, London in 2007 and has a particular interest in ultrasound and feline medicine. Not surprisingly she has two cats, P.C. and Miggy, one domestic longhair and one shorthair.

When not at work Rachel is busy looking after her two sons but occasionally has time to make jewellery and play badminton.




Simon Webb
Veterinary Surgeon

Simon graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in July 2004. After working in Devon, Shropshire, Wiltshire and abroad, Simon joined Silva House in October 2012, initially to cover Rachel’s maternity leave (his wife). 

Simon has a particular interest in ophthalmology. 

Outside of work he is actively involved with Frome Baptist Church and enjoys running and photography.

Simon has a two cats PC and Miggy.


Sally Compton

Sally joined our teams at Silva House and Frome veterinary surgeries in 2007 having qualified as a registered nurse in 2008. She has a particular interest in medicine and seeing clients at nurse clinics.

Sally has a Labrador called Maisie Moo and enjoys walking her with friends and spending time with her husband and daughter Sophie.


Jenna Kenning
Veterinary Nurse

Jenna joined HIghcroft in July 2015 having qualified from Bridgewater College (Cannington Centre) in October 2013. She is based at our Silva House practice in Midsomer Norton.

Jenna has four cats between the ages of 3 and 10 who are all rescue cats. Outside of work she does pilates and spends time with her 1 year son.


Vicky Palmer
Head Nurse

Vicky is Head Nurse at our Silva House, Frome, Haycombe, Batheaston and Weston surgeries.

Vicky joined Highcroft in 2008 as a Kennel Person, and begin training as a veterinary nurse shortly afterwards, working with the team at the Whitchurch hospital. She qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in August 2015.

Vicky has two cats and a whippet dog.



Laura Pickford
Veterinary Nurse

Laura joined our Midsomer Norton Veterinary Centre in April 2016 having gained a Level 3 diploma in Veterinary Nursing and qualified RVN in October 2013. She has a special interest in behaviour and in patient care.

She has a Labrador called Dudley, horses, a rabbit and guinea pigs. She enjoys horse riding and walking in the countryside.


Tracey Roch
Veterinary Nurse

Tracey started at Silva House 20 years ago on work experience and never left! She has an NVQ Level 2 in Animal Care, as well as a National Diploma and a Higher National Diploma in Animal Science.

She supports nurses and vets at our Midsomer Norton, Frome and Haycombe Veterinary Centres.


Michelle Scollick
Veterinary Nurse

Michelle qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2004, after working in a veterinary practice for 7 years. She worked for the Wrench Veterinary Group/ Bath Veterinary Group before joining Silva House in 2006. Since going on maternity leave to have her daughter Kimberley and then son Daniel, she now works on a part time basis. Michelle has a keen interest in feline behaviour.

Michelle has a cat called Polly and two guinea pigs Rosie and Holly. When she is not is work she enjoys spending time with family, holidays and swimming.


Laura Slater
Registered Nurse

Laura joined the practice in 1999 and went on to do her veterinary nurse training at Silva House, which she completed in 2005.
She has an interest in dog behaviour and training. Laura also trains and competes in dog agility classes and has a Border Terrier called Martha.


Bridget Sheppard
Animal Nursing Assistant

Bridget joined Silva House, Midsomer Norton, in July 2009 and qualified as a Animal Nursing Assistant in 2010.

When she is not busy helping vets and nurses at Silva House she enjoys seeing friends and family, eating out and shopping.


Tazmin Barratt
Senior Receptionist

Tazmin joined Highcroft in January 2016 as a Senior Receptionist. She is based at our Silva House Veterinary Centre at Midsomer Norton. As a receptionist she helps with booking appointments, answering clients queries and looking after pet owners in reception.

Tazmin owns no less that five horses, enjoys riding and competes at local competitions. She also has two dogs, a Shitzu and a Shitzu/Pug cross and one cat.


Jodie Gold
Practice Manager

Jodie is Practice Manager for our Silva House, Haycombe, Weston, Frome and Batheaston surgeries.

Jodie first joined Highcroft in September 2014 as a Receptionist for Highcroft Veterinary Referrals, our Specialist service based at the hospital in Bristol. She was promoted to Senior Receptionist in 2015.

Jodie has two rescue ponies which take up most of her spare time .... and cash.


Wendy Beresford

Wendy Beresford

Wendy joined Silva House in October 2004 as a receptionist and is based at our Midsomer Norton Veterinary Centre. She looks after clients and their pets in reception, making appointments and answering queries.

Wendy has a Labrador called Daxter Douglas Dyson Dawes and enjoys walking, bird watching and cooking.


Chloe Cross

Chloe joined us in 2013 under the Apprentice Scheme based at our Longwell Green Veterinary Centre. Chloe now works part time as a Receptionist at our Silva House branch in Midsomer Norton in addition to her normal role as a Regional Practice Management System Trainer for our larger group.

Chloe was nominated and won the Bristol and Bath "Outstanding Apprentice of the Year award" 2014 in the financial and business services category.

Chloe has always grown up with animals, from horses to hamsters, and has a golden retriever called Cassie and is hoping to get another one to keep Cassie company.  In her spare time Chloe takes part in dance and motorbike trials and has won many different trophies and qualifications.


Denise Cribb

Denise is a receptionist at our Silva House practice in Midsomer Norton and also runs puppy party classes. As a receptionist she is responsible for looking after clients and their pets when they arrive at the surgery, making appointments and answering any client queries.


Emma Curtain

Emma joined our Silva House Veterinary Centre in January 2000 as a receptionist. As a receptionist she is responsible for looking after clients and their pets when they arrive at the surgery, making appointments and answering any client queries.

Emma adopted two rabbits that she rescued from the surgery, Rosemary and Martha and enjoys all things musical including theatre, singing and playing the piano.


Katie Moffat

Katie joined Highcroft in August 2014 as a receptionist looking after clients and their pets. 

Katie has three border collies Dief, Dug and Nike and together they enjoy flyball and obedience. She also competes with Dug in agility trials and competitions.


Lauren Preece

Lauren joined Highcroft in October 2015 as a Receptionist and will be based at our Whitchurch Hospital and surgery as well as covering other branches. She helps with booking appointments, answering clients queries and looking after pet owners in reception.

Lauren has two cats, some fish and enjoys musical theatre and eating out.


Liz Redmond

Liz joined the Highcroft team in July 2015 as a receptionist, based at our Midsomer Norton Veterinary Centre. She helps with booking appointments, answering clients queries and looking after pet owners in reception.

Outside of work she has two dogs called Sid and Meg. Sid is a crossbreed and Meg is a Staffie. She also enjoys playing violin and advanced driving. Not at the same time obviously!


Natalee Scott

Natalee joined HIghcroft in March 2016 as a part time Receptionist at our Frome and Midsomer Norton Veterinary Centres. She helps with booking appointments, answering clients queries and looking after pet owners in reception.

Natalee loves animals and has no less than 24 rats, and African pygmy hedgehog, a cat and a Beagle! When not at work or looking after her animals she enjoys films, reading, shopping and spending time with the family.

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