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Top five reasons to neuter your pet

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Neutering is the general term for the removal of the reproductive organs in cats, dogs and rabbits and is widely regarded as a routine procedure. The most obvious reasons to neuter your pet are to eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancies and reduce inappropriate sexual behaviour, but there are lots of health benefits too. 

Why neuter your pet?

1. Spaying your female will stop her from coming into season and eliminates the possibility of unwanted and expensive pregnancies.  

2. Neutering can greatly reduce testosterone-driven behaviour in males such as spraying or scent marking and straying from home.

3. Neutering your pet can help to prevent many life threatening cancers and womb infections (e.g. Pyometra) that can be debilitating, painful and costly. 

4. Neutering helps fight pet overpopulation which otherwise could lead to animals being euthanased or suffer as strays.

5. Rabbits reproduce much faster than dogs and cats and from a much earlier age. Unspayed female rabbits also have a 95% chance of developing uterine cancer before the age of 4 years old.


Keyhole spays for female dogs

Surgical developments have meant that female bitch spays can now be done via keyhole surgery.

Keyhole spays are safer and less invasive; your pet will have much smaller wounds, less post-operative pain and discomfort, and a much quicker recovery.

Highcroft was one of the first practices in the UK to perform female bitch spays by keyhole surgery, providing the best possible care for pets, and putting us at the forefront of this pioneering surgical development.

Book in now and receive 20% off your bill

Neutering can lead to a longer and better quality of life for your beloved companion. Contact us now to find out more about neutering or book your pet in for an operation


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