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Are some pet foods better for teeth?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Like us, our pets are usually born with healthy mouths - with bright white teeth and firm pink (or pigmented) gums. However, from an early age, food material, bacteria and saliva are deposited naturally and continuously on the surface of the teeth and gums forming a plaque. 

As plaque accumulates, toxins produced by the plaque bacteria cause inflammation of the gum tissue - termed gingivitis. At the same time as this, the plaque may also become mineralised forming calculus (tartar) which is usually very tightly bonded to the tooth surface. This is also frequently accompanied by very bad breath!

What your pet eats can directly affect their oral health

Ideally you should be cleaning your pets’ teeth every day, but there are specially designed dental diets and treats that can help. Royal Canin dental diet is designed to help promote good oral and dental hygiene in your pet.

The special kibbles help to mechanically remove dental plaque and tartar. When your pet chews their food, the abrasive texture of the kibble 'scrubs' each tooth, working away the plaque and tartar.

These complete diets are designed to be fed every day and are proven to reduce plaque and tartar formation by up to 55%* when compared to feeding a standard dry diet. Their positive effects extend to helping clean all teeth, not just those used in chewing.

Royal Canin Dental Diet is available to buy from all Highcroft branches, call your usual surgery now to order a bag.  

Book your pet an appointment to see one of our veterinary nurses to have a FREE dental health check.  


* Harvey CE (2004). The Oral Cavity, in Chandler EA, Gaskell RM, Feline medicine and therapeutics.







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