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How to have a stress free vet visit

Friday, August 28, 2015

A trip to the vets can be overwhelming for our pets. With lots of unusual smells and uncomfortable prodding, the experience can be rather stressful.

Here are some handy tips to help make the trip to the vet less scary for your pet:

Visit your vet surgery frequently, even if your pet is not unwell. You don’t have to have an appointment, just pop in to weigh them on the scales or even when you’re just picking up a product. Our receptionists are expert treat givers and cuddlers!

For cats and rabbits, even the journey in their carrier can be stressful, so leave the pet carrier out at home so that they can go in and out as they please, and not just associate it as a trip to the dreaded ‘V’ word.

Handle your pet at home, almost like a veterinary check, so they are used to being examined i.e. stroke all over, feel their tummy, massage around the scruff of the neck, look at their teeth and inside the ears etc.

If your pet is very nervous at the vets, tell the receptionist when booking your appointment so we all know not to overwhelm them when they arrive. Also remind the vet at the beginning of your consultation.

You can always leave your pet in the car (provided it’s not a hot, sunny day of course!) whilst you are waiting for your appointment or dealing with reception. That way they are not overwhelmed by a busy waiting room. 

Don’t allow your dog to approach other dogs in the waiting room – even if they are super friendly, other dogs may be stressed or feeling very unwell.

Try to keep cat/small animal carriers off of the floor and if possible sit away from dogs. Please always bring your cat in a carrier for their own safety.

Don’t forget we can offer a home visiting service so that your pet can be examined by the vet in the comfort of their own home.

Also, make the most of all the free checks you are entitled to. Spending some time with our lovely veterinary nurses will help your pet get used to their surroundings and hopefully build a confident and happy relationship with ‘those in the uniforms’. 

Call 01275 832410 for more information or advice.


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