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Special delivery - world's third largest spider delivered in the post

Friday, August 28, 2015

A new home owner in Bristol recently received an unexpected house warming gift: a tarantula!

Last month, the Bristol resident received a ‘Return to Sender’ package intended for the previous house owner. Upon opening the parcel he discovered the eight legged horror. After experiencing every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, he rushed the spider to Highcroft.

The date on the parcel showed that the package had been unopened for approximately three weeks and the tissue bedding in the tarantula’s container had grown mouldy.

The spider was confirmed to be a Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater, the third largest spider in the world. This type of tarantula can grow to have a leg span of 11 inches and are known to be semi-aggressive. These formidable spiders are capable of ‘kicking’ hairs from their abdomen as a defensive mechanism, which can act as an irritant to the skin and even blind their victim. Not to mention owning 2.5cm long fangs.

Exotics vet, Sonya Miles said: “When I examined the tarantula it was clear it was very unwell, as it was showing signs of dehydration and had lost a lot of hair from the abdomen. Mould can affect tarantulas very negatively, so with the exposure to the fungus and being stressed after circulating in the post for so long, I'm surprised it even survived.

“It is common to send insects and some living creatures via the post, as long as they are clearly labelled and packaged in accordance with the postal service being used. Although the package did adhere to all the regulations, it was just an unlucky situation that resulted in it not being collected by its intended owners.”

Highcroft Veterinary Group owner, Richard Killen, added: “I am delighted we were able to treat this significant species of spider. We are one of the few veterinary practices in the South West that has the level of expertise to know how to deal with such an unusual pet. We are very proud to be able treat all kinds of animals - from cats and dogs right through to the most exotic of species.”

'Sid the spider' (as it is now named) was taken home by Sonya to recuperate at her rescue centre, North Somerset Reptile Rescue, where it is recovering well. Sonya hopes to find the spider a more permanent home once it has calmed down and can be handled.


Mark Pennell commented on 03-Sep-2015 03:32 PM
Should you wish to re home this tarantula drop me a email via the British tarantula society web site

Brian Carr commented on 05-Sep-2015 02:47 PM
hope sid recovery is ok đŸ‘Œ

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