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What’s your pet’s New Year’s Resolution?

Friday, January 09, 2015

Happy New Year everybody!

2015 has arrived and we’re sure we’ve heard the mantra of ‘New year, new me’ uttered several times already; but what are we promising for our pets this year? It’s easy to let certain things slide out of habit, so let’s start the New Year as we mean to go on with some ideas for pet-related New Year’s resolutions:

1. Is your pet getting enough exercise?  Do you walk your dog enough? Help to keep your dog healthy by taking them for regular walks or sign them up to a local agility club if you want to be involved as well. It may even help with your own ‘get fit’ resolution! Make sure your small pets spend plenty of time outside of the hutch and have a good run around, or motivate a lazy pussy cat to get moving again.

2. Are they a little tubby?  Make sure you are feeding your pet the right type and amount of food. Pet food should be age appropriate and suitable for their breed and lifestyle. Our branches stock plenty of pet food for dogs, cats, small mammals and exotics, so pop in to have a chat with our knowledgeable staff about which one is right for you. If your pet has overindulged in the past and needs to shift a few pounds, why not sign them up to our weight watchers club?


3. More play, less work.  Keep their minds active by playing with your pet on a regular basis and teaching them new tricks. Cognitive stimulation keeps pets younger longer.  There are plenty of new toys around for all species to encourage mental stimulation – this will help eliminate boredom and will hopefully deter any unwanted behaviour.  You may not even need toys, why not teach an old pet a new trick - age is just a number after all!

4. Make a date with your vet. We love to see our patients and their owners on regular basis. Not only does this build better relationships and more confident pets, scheduling regular health checks can help to keep your pet stay in tip top health.

5. Does your pet always look their best?   Regular grooming can be the secret to a happier pet! Whether it’s a daily brush or a full blown makeover at the groomers, it can help to stimulate the skin and blood circulation. Don’t forget their brilliant smile – regular teeth cleaning, and feeding the correct diet, reduces the risk of dental disease.  Dental disease is very common in pets and affects not only their teeth but their general health and happiness.

6. Keep your pet safe.  A microchip is one of the best ways to reunite yourself with your pet should they go missing.  They are great for all pets - cats, dogs, rabbits and many exotic species - they are not expensive and they can’t be tampered with.  What’s more, as they will soon be a legal requirement for dogs in the UK, we are able to microchip dogs for free until April 2015. Contact us for details.  If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your contact details on the microchip are up to date! 

If you’d like any more information on how to keep your pet healthy this year, please give your local branch a call.


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