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What to do if you find a baby bird

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring has finally sprung and many birds are busy raising their new families.

However, what should you do if you find what appears to be an ‘orphaned’ baby bird?

According to the RSPCA, you must first assess how old the bird is. This can be done by looking at the feathers – if it is fully feathered it will be a fledgling, if it has none or very few, this will be a nestling.

If you find a fledgling

If it is not injured, do not touch it or move it. Fledglings often attempt to leave the nest before they can fly and are usually being watched by their parents nearby.

Continue to monitor from a distance to see if the parents return. DO NOT attempt to put the fledgling back in its nest as this can be more damaging than helpful.

If the fledgling is in immediate danger (e.g. from cats or busy roads etc) you can place it in a sheltered safe area close to where you found it and continue to watch from a distance.

If, after watch watching it for a long period of time, you believe the bird to be orphaned, place it in a well ventilated box and take to your nearest wildlife rescue centre or contact a veterinary practice.

If you find a nestling

Nestlings are often far too young to be able to survive for long outside of the nest and should be taken to a rescue centre or vets as soon as possible.

Baby birds and wildlife require specialist treatment, so please never try to care for an ‘orphaned’ animal yourself.

If you find a baby bird and are unsure what to do, please contact a wildlife rescue centre, the RSPCA or your local veterinary practice for more information.





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