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New clinical trial for dogs suffering with diabetes

Highcroft Referrals Internal Medicine specialist, Catherine Bovens, is currently conducting a clinical trial in dogs that have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Not only will this trial provide the necessary research for a new type of insulin, it can also save owners of diabetic dogs a huge amount of money.

Potential candidates for the trial are dogs with a diagnosis or high suspicion of diabetes mellitus. Owners are offered a diabetes work-up, insulin treatment and follow-up including all necessary blood tests for a period of up to 6 months - all free of charge.

In the context of the trial, an insulin is used which has not yet been approved for dogs. However the drug has already been successfully tested in effectiveness and safety studies. Dogs participating in the trial receive either the new insulin or the current standard insulin. The allocation is random; both the veterinary surgeon and the owner remain blinded for the duration of the trial. The dogs are intensively monitored and treated throughout the entire duration of the study. There are no costs for the owners for the initial work-up, insulin and follow-up visits.

The following dogs can be enrolled into the trial. Dogs with:

ü  newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus (ideal case), or also with poorly controlled

    diabetes mellitus

ü  at least one clinical sign of diabetes mellitus:

  • excessive urination
  • excessive thirst
  • weight loss

ü  glucose in urine

ü  high glucose levels in the blood

Ä   So potentially any dog diagnosed with diabetes


Unfortunately, dogs cannot be enrolled in the trial if they suffer from any of the following associated diseases:

û         Diabetic ketosis or ketoacidosis requiring hospitalisation

û         Pancreatitis

û         Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease)

If your pet has just been diagnosed with diabetes or you think your pet may be suffering from any of the above symptoms ask your usual vet to speak to Catherine Bovens to see if your dog is suitable for the trial.


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