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Vaccination amnesty offer

Has your pet lapsed on their vaccinations? Make the most of our vaccination amnesty offer Rather than paying for a full 'restart' course of injections, we will only charge you the price of an annual booster. This means you could save up to £.. Read more

Bristol 10K for Lupus

Congratulations to a team of Highcroft staff for running the Bristol 10K in May The team of 12 ran the course in aid of the Hibbs Lupus Trust (https://www.hibbslupustrust.org/lupus/), a cause very close to our hearts due to a few members of the H.. Read more

Nemo makes a news splash!

The story of Nemo the goldfish, operated on by our amazing exotics team, has been picked up by the national press, radio and ITV Westcountry news. Exotics vet, Sonya Miles, and her team successfully removed a tumour (that was almost half Nem.. Read more

Babesiosis outbreak – protect your dog against ticks

There has been a lot of interest in the news recently about Babesiosis, a disease that is spread by ticks. So far we have had NO reported cases in the area, however it has been found in a localised area in Essex where approximately 4 dogs hav.. Read more

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