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The Puppy Diaries - Bringing your puppy home

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to get through the first night

The first night with a new puppy is always a tough one. Being in a completely new place away from their mum, brothers and sisters must be very scary for a little pup.

On the first night that Jenny got Roxy, she was understandably a bit confused and woke up every 2 hours or so. Jenny got up to let her out to the toilet when she cried, but then put her straight back to bed, and ignored any more cries (which is easier said than done!).

The first night was quite difficult but Roxy quickly learnt that when she cried, she got let outside, but otherwise she had to stay on her own downstairs.

By the third night she was sleeping for 7 hours through the night with no crying.

It is important to not let your puppy get into bad habits when you first get them. If they cry, let them outside to toilet, but otherwise ignore them. If you go down to them when they are crying, or give them any form of attention, the next night they will cry for longer.

Leaving your puppy alone

Jenny has been trying to get Roxy used to being left on her own to try and prevent separation anxiety issues later in life. She doesn’t get left for very long at the moment as she needs to go out to the toilet pretty regularly, but so far so good. Most of the time Jenny finds her flat out asleep when she gets home!

Crate training your puppy

Roxy is crate trained so when Jenny does leave her on her own she knows that Roxy (and her house) will be safe when she returns. Roxy’s crate is in the kitchen, which is the main hub of the house, so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on the action when she is in there.

If you do decide to crate train your puppy, it’s important to make sure it is used for positive experiences only. Don’t use it as a punishment technique. The crate should become a safe place for the puppy so that when you ask them to go in there, they will happily do so.

Roxy absolutely loves her crate and the lovely comfy bed in there. When she‘s tired she even takes all her toys to bed with her and then goes to sleep - which is super cute!

If you need some advice on crate training or how to introduce your puppy to its new home, speak to one of our friendly veterinary nurses at your local surgery. After all, puppies are generally their favourite subjects!

Next time…

Find out about Roxy’s first vaccinations and why it’s important to protect them from certain diseases.


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