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Calling all Labradors: help us in the fight against cancer in dogs

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Can you help us with some vital research about cancer in dogs?

Juliet Pope, one of Highcroft’s soft tissue surgeons, is coordinating a collection of samples on behalf of the Animal Health Trust’s Oncology Research Group.

The research is testing different breeds which are known to be susceptible to particular forms of cancer. For the first wave of samples, we are asking for owners of Labrador Retrievers to pop in for a quick test.

What is involved in the test sample?

The sample is simply a quick swab of the inside of the dog’s cheek, which will then be sent to the Animal Health Trust. It is completely painless and free of charge. A vet or nurse will be able to perform the swab and it will take less than five minutes to do.

The AHT will be testing the samples to see if there are any similarities between the DNA of the affected dogs and if it could be a reason behind developing cancer.

Which dogs are eligible for testing?

At the moment, we are only collecting samples from Labrador Retrievers who fit the following criteria:

  • Any age Labrador who has been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumour
  • Labradors over the age of 7 years old that have never been affected by any form of cancer

How do I book my dog in to be swabbed?

If you are interested in helping us collect this vital information about cancer in Labrador Retrievers, please call Referrals Reception to book a time to pop in and see us. Your dog will even get a little treat for their contribution.

We would be so grateful if you could help with this study; one of the worst parts of being a vet is delivering the news that a pet has cancer. By contributing to this research, we could be one step closer to helping fight cancer in dogs.


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