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Do you buy your pet a Christmas present?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wondering what to get your four-legged friend for Christmas? Guest blogger, Olive, has taken over to tell us the kind of things she’d like Santa to put in her doggy stocking this year.

Hi my name’s Olive, I’m a one year old Pug x Jack Russell and I own my human who works at Highcroft Vets. My Mummy loves to spoil me and seeing as I can’t really remember Christmas last year, I thought I’d write her a list of my top five Christmas presents that I really feel I need.  After all, I have been a very good girl this year (sort of!).

1. Toys, toys, toys – I love toys! Particularly when I can shred them to pieces and pull all of the stuffing out. There’s a whole wall of toys in the Reception area and I’ve hinted several times that I need to have one.

2. Christmas outfit – my brother Alfie tells me he has to wear a Christmas jumper every year on Christmas Day so I must be missing out!  I’ve tried on a few but this one is definitely my favourite. Alfie laughed at me though.There were some fancy Christmas scarves and hats that I saw too…

3. Pet Head Shampoo – I know that not many dogs enjoy a bath but I think they’re really fun. Especially when you splash all the water everywhere and fight with the towel afterwards. My favourite shampoo is from the Pet Head Collection, they smell really yummy and the bubbles don’t hurt my eyes.

4. Treats - I’m quite a greedy pup and can eat treats in the blink of an eye.  My favourite treats include Schmakos and the really chewy ones that clean my teeth at the same time by Harringtons. Plus I spotted a very impressive dog stocking filled with goodies!
5. Collar and tag – I don’t wear a collar very often as I prefer to wear a harness for my walkies, however, did you know that us doggies legally have to wear some form of visible identification when in public? I’m already microchipped but I really do need a nice new collar to go with an engraved tag that has Mummy’s contact details on.

Presents for cats?

I suppose I’d better get a present for my best friend Dolly too. She’s a Siamese cat who loves toys just as much as I do – in fact she even steals mine sometimes. I noticed a Kitty Advent Calendar and some Catnip Christmas Puddings that I could get for her.

There are so many exciting new things that I could ask for and I get very excited looking around the shop in Highcroft’s reception areas. Have you hinted to your human what you want for Christmas? Bring them in to see us and have a look around, I’m sure I could help you pick out a few things.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Love from Olive xxx’

** We’d love to see your pets getting in the Christmas spirit. Post your favourite pictures to our Facebook page or let us know what you’re buying them for Christmas (just don’t give Olive any more ideas!)**


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